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our schools

Bethany supports learning from infancy through adulthood. 

Click the links below to learn more about the schools that educate our children!

Bethany Lutheran Power Hour

Bethany Lutheran School

Bethany Lutheran Power Hour is a      one-hour preschool program for children 2-5 years old to experience with their parent or caregiver!

Bethany Lutheran School provides a Christ-centered education for Kindergarten-8th grade students.

Bethany Lutheran Early Learning Cener

Bethany Lutheran Early Learning Center provides preschool education for children 3-5 years old.

Evergreen Lutheran High School

Evergreen Lutheran High school provides a Christian, college preparatory education to high school students.  Evergreen is located in Tacoma, WA.

Bethany Lutheran College

Bethany Lutheran College is a Christian liberal arts college operated by the ELS. Bethany is located in Mankato, MN.

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